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Watch your TV anywhere

With the Slingbox® SOLO, your customers never need to miss their home TV shows, regardless of where they are. The Slingbox SOLO easily connects to practically any home theater device and streams standard-definition (SD) content to a computer or mobile phone over the Internet, from anywhere in the world.

Easily Connect - Viewers can connect to one HD or SD device in the home theater, such as a DVR, digital cable set-top box, satellite receiver, or home security camera. The Slingbox SOLO supports over 10,000 popular devices and models.

Take Control - Viewers can manage their home theater from the web using an on-screen remote control that matches their home remote control.

Sit Back and Enjoy - Viewers can watch their favorite shows in crisp SD quality over the Internet on a PC or Mac (desktop or laptop) or mobile phone—from anywhere, at anytime.


  • Viewing and control of live or recorded TV from any PC or Mac (desktop or laptop) computer
  • Viewing and control of live or recorded TV from compatible mobile phones
  • Connects to all of the most popular SD or HD cable/satellite set-top boxes, DVRs, DVD players, Media Centers, or home security cameras
  • Streams standard-definition content
SlingPlayer™ System Recommendations
Network Bandwidth
SD Streaming: 600 Kbps or higher
Mobile Streaming: 150 Kbps or higher
Minimum PC Requirements:
SD Streaming: Pentium 4 class or equivalent with 256 MB RAM
Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Windows 7 with latest updates
Browser Support: Internet Explorer Version 7 or higher, Firefox Version 3 or higher
Minimum Mac Requirements:
SD Streaming: Intel-based Mac with 2 GB of RAM
Operating System: Mac OS 10.5.7 (Leopard) or later
Browser Support: Firefox Version 3 or higher, Safari Version 3 or higher
Supported Audio
and Video Sources
(Any of the following)
Basic Cable TV Set-top Box
Digital Cable Set-top Box
Digital Video Recorder (DVR) such as TiVo, Comcast, ReplayTV, DISH or one provided by your cable/satellite provider
DVD Player/Recorder
HD component input support with resolution up to 1080i (down-converted for streaming)
Satellite Receiver such as DIRECTV or DISH
Video/Security Camera
Apple TV
Windows Media Center
Box Contents
Slingbox SOLO
AC adapter (100-240V 50-60Hz)
Ethernet cable
Quick Start Guide
Composite AV cable
Remote control IR cable